SITE Board Of Directors

At the foundation of SITE’s infrastructure is an accomplished board of directors and leadership. The board is diverse.  The board consist of seventy five-percent African American, forty-percent female, and split equally between corporate industry and the education sector; works to simplify the connection between STEM-related employers and the next generation of technically skilled employees through successful programs – like professional tours and the SITE Externship Program (SEP) – built to benefit educators, students, parents and businesses alike.




Mr. Ladd has committed his life to educating students, starting as an educator in Kansas City Missouri over 35 years ago. He has long supported those individuals who are often overlooked including students in urban environments, those with disabilities and those who are racially diverse. Mr. Ladd served the Blue Valley school district including the development of programs of excellence for students traditionally failed by public education. Mr. Ladd, as Chairman of the Board, brings with him a strong sense of commitment to the SITE Board of Directors. With his background in supervision of educators, community business partnerships, volunteer leadership, and fiscal management, he is uniquely suited for this role. Mr. Ladd dedicates his involvement with this project to his late wife, his inspiration.


SITE Board Secretary

Ms. Williamson with her Master’s degree in Business and Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering is a best selling author, certified coach, speaker and trainer for the John Maxwell Team, and an adjunct professor has much to offer Social Impact Technology & Engineering (SITE). Ms. Williamson with her work in the field led a team of specialist in industry to improve company practices resulting in greatly enhanced product outcomes and performance. As a female black engineer with her impressive array of leadership, industry and managerial experiences, she serves as an exemplar of SITE vision and values. She managed operations for over 18,000 contractors and 13,000 vehicles ensuring quality and compliance standards were met. Ms. Williamson, in addition to her commitment to industry has a long history of supporting students with social skills development and training. She is known for her creative ability to engage educators and students in creating a common vision. Because of her commitment, she has helped countless families position their children to get noticed, admitted and funded by top colleges and universities. Resulting in families receiving over $500,000 in aid. SITE is proud to have her serve as Board Secretary for its inauguration.




Mr. Rex Rodenbaugh is a health & financial insurance broker and real estate investor. Rex holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to SITE in regard to entrepreneurship, finance and management. Mr. Rodenbaugh has a strong passion for helping people in bettering themselves in health & fitness as well as financial and retirement planning. He has a huge heart for helping people and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Mr. Rodenbaugh is very involved in his church and the community and enjoys spending quality time with his wife and kids.



Site Board Member

Mr. Mark Cipolla comes to Social Impact Technology & Engineering (SITE) with a deep commitment to Kansas City Missouri with a demonstrated track record for harnessing volunteers to the betterment of the city. As the owner of a small business with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Mr. Cipolla is known for his tireless effort toward quality service and products. He has a garnered a reputation for hard work starting as a very young man. Mr. Cipolla is committed to long-standing customer relations and has established relationships with Kansas City business and industry. Mr. Cipolla brings his project management, salesmanship, and commercial construction expertise to the SITE board, and we are honored to have him.



SITE Board Member

Mr. Rentie brings an extensive background rooted in technology with entrepreneurship drive. With over 30 years in business including marketing, sales, project management, technology management and video production. Mr. Rentie served as the as a Chief Information Officer with core responsibilities for supervising and managing key data adhering to state and federal compliance regarding individual information. Additionally, Mr. Rentie started his own web services, computing and consulting company. His ability to establish business, respond to the market need and create resources and messaging to address that need is of great value to Social Impact Technology & Engineering (SITE). With his Bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television and Film, and a talent for high quality video production, SITE will not only have a board member, but SITE students will have a mentor as well.


SITE Board Member

As the former chair of Kansas City Public School District’s Education Equity Committee and the five-year Site Plan Development and Implementation Committee, Ms. Thompson has both the breadth and depth of urban school development and strategic planning. With her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction and certifications in parent effectiveness and teacher effectiveness, Social Impact Technology & Engineering (SITE) stands to garner a strong parent community relationship under her guidance. Ms. Thompson has also committed her life to supporting urban education and leadership. Her expertise in professional development K-12 will bolster teaching and student learning outcomes. Ms. Thompson has the deep belief that youth, particularly girls can excel, as demonstrated by her long-standing involvement and board membership with organizations such as the Girls Scouts of America, Urban Debate, Kansas City Young Audiences and Junior Achievement. She is an active member and board member at Concord Fortress of Hope Church where she works closely with the Christian Education Ministry. SITE is proud to welcome Ms. Thompson to her key role on the board.


SITE Board Member

Ms. Boyd-Noronha, with her Master’s degree in Business Administration, is a two-time author, single parent lifestyle coach and youth life skills trainer. With her recent Security IT degree, she launched her STEM enrichment consultancy and is known as “The STEM Broker”. Ms. Boyd-Noronha’s passion for creating innovative, solutions-driven programs for youths is a direct result of being a daughter of two retired educators in the Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas City, Kansas school districts. As a STEM advocate and parent of 3 children - all on a STEM career track - she is further fueled by strategically positioning them and other youths to be future STEM trailblazers. Ms. Boyd-Noronha is a former radio and TV personality as well as featured columnist covering local and military issues as a military spouse at Fort Hood, Texas and Fort Campbell, Tennessee. As a higher education administrator, she served as a business coach to students, adjunct faculty, and developed curriculum and continuing education classes for youths and adults. Ms. Boyd-Noronha brings her entrepreneurial, management, community relations, and training expertise to Social Impact Technology & Engineering (SITE). Coupled with her content management, editing, and web development skills, she brings additional technical insight and STEM outreach opportunities to the board. Ms. Boyd-Noronha is an active member and facilitates training regularly for the youth programs at Palestine Missionary Baptist Church of Jesus Christ. SITE is proud to welcome her as one of its newest board members.



SITE Board Member

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works for a local counseling agency that specifically works with at-risk youth and families in the Kansas City metro. Since she provides direct service to the youth in our community, she understands the core need on the ground level and is dedicated to the mission of what Social Impact Technology and Engineering (SITE) establishment will bring to the youth in our community. Mrs. Rodenbaugh previously served in England helping to develop a community center by creating programs and curriculum and then implementing these additional services to the local children and families. She dedicates herself to be a part of a team who sees a need in the urban community and then allocates her training and expertise to help bring about successful change; thus aligning perfectly with the values we hold at SITE.

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Executive director

SITE’s Founder and Executive Director, Mark Irvin, has extensive experience in both skilled trades and education for underserved youth, which have proven invaluable as SITE continues to move forward. Mark’s skilled-trades training led him from high school to a successful career in construction, ultimately enabling him to run his own firm, KC MASS Services. Throughout his career he has worked to ensure that the future workforce can access similar economic rewards through relevant educational experiences. Prior to founding SITE, Mark’s education work included: serving as Executive Director for Are You Committed KC, a nonprofit providing life skills, job training, and apprenticeship placements to at-risk youth; founding The Charter School Group, which brings together education and corporate sector leaders to improve academic outcome for charter schools; and mentoring at-risk youth through local organizations. Through these endeavors, Irvin discovered the urgent need for the advanced manufacturing and STEM-related workforce while building important and valuable relationships with educators, school systems, and businesses, which now support SITE’s cross-sector partnerships.