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Creating Career Opportunities For Kansas City's Urban Youth

Kansas City, Missouri is committed to building a high quality workforce and education for its residents. This commitment is part of the fabric that makes Kansas City a world-class city to live in. At the foundation of its economy, the manufacturing sector is strong, and technology continues to give more companies opportunities to grow. This foundation, however, has a pervasive crack stemming from misunderstandings about what the manufacturing industry has to offer. Many companies realize there is a need to create a "succession plan" for the manufacturing sector, but just don't know how to make the strategic connections in the community.

Social Impact Technology & Engineering (SITE) is a 501(c)(3), socially responsible, nonprofit organization with an accomplished board of directors. We are focused on promoting awareness, education and helping to fill the skilled trades job gap of urban Kansas City, Missouri youth in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

SITE has chosen a clear path to infuse both the education and advanced manufacturing industry with a high quality workforce by:

  • Promoting academic accomplishment in connection with its direct social impact of STEM in our society

  • Forming partnerships with local businesses in the areas of advanced manufacturing and logistics engineering to promote job growth in Kansas City's urban core

  • "Linking" urban youth to high-growth career opportunities that currently exist in the local advanced manufacturing industry

  • Hosting the nationally recognized annual initiative, MFG Day (Manufacturing Day), in Kansas City

The Mission

Building an engaging learning environment to adequately prepare and uniquely position urban students to:

1) realize the potential in actively pursuing a STEM career,
2) ensure they excel academically in reading and math, and
3) serve as professional civic leaders in under served communities.

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