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The Site-KC Job And Career Readiness Program

The SITE-KC Job and Career Readiness Program is a hands-on learning experience for youth. SITE-KC will host a weekly, one evening per week, three-hour evening program for approximately forty weeks at an advanced technology center. This program is enriched in math, communication arts, and industrial design. The program's curriculum is co-developed and taught by state certified staff chosen by SITE and representatives from the advanced manufacturing industry. The curriculum will be constantly reviewed and revised for current industry relevancy and will address the state of Missouri mandated educational standards. Current evidence based practices will be used to deliver the curriculum. This program includes the opportunity to participate in a summer internship or apprenticeship at a local manufacturing business.

For attracting youth to our SITE-KC Job and Career Readiness Program, we facilitate an annual Manufacturing Day (MFG) tour for high-school juniors and seniors. MFG Day is a national, presidentially proclaimed day. The tour participants visit manufacturing facilities to gain first hand knowledge of the advanced technology and the jobs within the manufacturing industry. The day is completely interactive between youth participants, industry professionals, and educators. This event is deemed "A Day of Royal Treatment" and is designed to inspire and leave an indelible impression on youth who may consider advanced manufacturing as a career.


Dollars and in-kind donations are helpful in maintaining and expanding the SITE organization. Plus, it further enables you to further support a cause, “our youth”, which is vitally important to the their future – jobs, education and careers. With your help of becoming a sponsor, you are directly helping “our youth” explore and gain access to the amazing opportunities that exist within the advanced manufacturing industry. As a sponsor, you will feel better about yourself knowing that you have done something that will help “our youth” be inspired and better educated to access high-growth job opportunities.

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